New Video: Are You Ready For The Storm?


Many Utahns are focused on how diverting the Bear River upstream of the Great Salt Lake will impact the millions of birds that depend upon the Lake. But the proposed $2.5 billion diversion would also heavily impact the air quality along the entire Wasatch Front by creating massive dust storms in Utah, like the one experienced in April 2015.

We are nearly half way through the legislative session and you know what that means — get ready for the surprisingly awful bills held until the last possible moment to try and avoid public scrutiny. We’ve been waiting for the bill that would fund proposed Bear River development and pollute our air, but it is still not out yet.

That’s why we produced a new video exploring the impacts to our air quality from Bear River development. Click here to watch it and share it with your friends!

3 thoughts on “New Video: Are You Ready For The Storm?

    1. The water would not be used for agriculture. Every drop from the proposed project is slated for municipal use. Because we use 75% of our municipal water outside the home, you could also say the project is being proposed to water lawns along the Wasatch Front. Thanks for your question.


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