URC Unveils New Property Tax Relief Bill

We have a great new bill to put tax money back in your pocket and help eliminate widespread water waste at the same time. Senate Bill 151, co-sponsored by Senator Jim Dabakis and Senator Howard Stephenson, would reduce property tax collections by large Utah water suppliers. These taxes are used to lower the price of water, thereby encouraging overuse and water waste. This high water use is the justification these same water suppliers use to lobby for billions in spending for destructive projects like the proposed Bear River Water Grab and Lake Powell Pipeline.

SB 151 would provide tax relief for thousands of Utah families and businesses, while benefiting low-income residents. So passing the bill seems like a slam-dunk in a fiscally conservative state like Utah, right?

Not so fast. Water suppliers who collect these property taxes use this tax money on lobbyists to keep this property tax in place. That’s why it is vital your legislators know you want to eliminate water waste by phasing out these property taxes. Call or email your legislators and tell them to VOTE YES on SB 151!!!

Read the full press release here:property-tax-relief-bill-unveiled-at-legislature

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