Great Salt Lake In Crisis


The Bear River Coalition is working to stop Bear River water development because it is the lifeblood of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem – the largest remaining wetland area in the American West.  According to a recent study by scientists from Utah State University, the Lake would be 11 feet higher today if it weren’t for all of the dams and diversions on its tributaries.  The Great Salt Lake is just inches from reaching its lowest level in recorded history.  One state official recently told the media that the Lake is on the verge of ecological collapse.  The Bear River Water Grab will be the nail in the coffin for the remarkable Great Salt Lake ecosystem.

Devastating environmental impacts

The Bear River is by far the largest water source for the Great Salt Lake, contributing 60% of the Lake’s surface water inflow annually. Diverting the river upstream of its estuary at the Great Salt Lake will lower the water level of the Lake dramatically.  The wetlands that will be destroyed by the Bear River diversion, including the federally managed Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, and these wetlands provide critical habitat for 8-10 million individual birds annually. These birds comprise over 230 species some of which travel from as far south as Chile, north to the Arctic Circle and as far west as Siberia.  Many species gather at the lake in larger populations than anywhere else on the planet.


 The Bear River and Great Salt Lake need your help

It’s not too late to save these amazing ecosystems from this disastrous water project. By reducing our water use and urging our elected officials to pursue the wide range of alternatives available, we can put this bad idea to rest.
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